Rtr. Sathish Balakrishnan

District Rotaract Representative

His manner of speaking is intricately well and his thought process is as clear as a crystal. He is known for not only executing projects perfectly but also taking them to each household to maximise the impact. Tamil and Rotaract are his two assets. A Chanakya!

Rtr. Kishore Babu

Immediate Past District Rotaract Representative

By celebrating Rotaract we celebrate the power of youth to drive change Yes! He has always been a huge support to all Rotaractors shoulder to shoulder. He never failed to celebrate people for what they do. At this moment, this person should take pride in knowing that Rotary year (22-23) undoubtedly left a lasting celebration to our District, which will be for years to come.

Rtr. PP. Thanghapantieyaan

District Rotaract Representative Elect

"The strength of a tiger is not just in its muscles, but in its will." Yes, this person embodies the raw energy of a tiger and his contribution to Rotaract is always commendable. Being selflessly working for the Organisation for all these 6 years and setting up the bar of 3201 in South Asia Awards,he has been incredible. Looking forward to the years to come and see you Roar Loud.

Rtr. PP. Abhijeet

District Secretary - Administration

Being someone's favorite is a privilege, but being everyone favorite is a miracle This person has got a contagious energy that upbeats the atmosphere wherever he goes. All these years,we have come across a tall man on the dias ,holding the mike and kick starting events that stand close to every Rotaractors.Yes! That's him,who has got a boundless positive attitude and inspires a lot of people.

Rtr. PP. Sabarinathan

District Secretary - Communication

"Connecting with people comes naturally for some, their hearts are open, and their spirits are free." When you find a huge load of cheers , it's because this man is around somewhere. From being there for clubs in their needs, to setting 3201's flag flying high around other districts, his work for the organization is commendable.

Rtr. PP. Sriram Bharani

DRR Special AIDE

“His mind was a vast and colorful canvas, where ideas and imagination blended seamlessly to create a beautiful masterpiece” All these years in Rotaract this person never failed to add colors to all events from small to big.From supporting clubs to representing 3201 through his creativity his works are personified.

Rtr. PP. Keerthick Kowcik

DRR Special AIDE

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." This person has never failed to stand alone as a team to support the District and the clubs.All these years, he along with his team had celebrated Rotaract and now in forefront to Elevate Rotaract.

Rtr. PP. Krithanth Sahas

DRR Special AIDE

“Success isn't about how many followers you have, it's about the impact you have on the people who follow you!” This person takes great pride in sharing his expertise with others and is always looking for ways to help rotaractors.All these years in Rotaract, he and his team never failed to set a standard for the District Events.

Rtr. PP. Mohamed Afsar

District Treasurer

B.R. Ambedkar once said, "Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence." As said,this person has encouraged all Rotaractors to prioritize their own development in Rotaract.He who is phenomenal in both his actions and words,continues to support Rotaractors to excel in the years to come.

Rtr. Rohit B Challa

District Joint Treasurer

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." In all these years in Rotaract, this person has never failed to excel in what he does.Investment of opportunity in this person,will pay the best interest in years to come.

Rtr. PP. Subhash

District Chair - Awards

"Recognizing excellence is the catalyst for inspiring and achieving greatness." Never did he fail to inspire others to strive for greatness and push the boundaries of what is possible.From proving his excellence to now committed to recognize excellence,this man is commendable.

Rtr. PP. Balaji

District Chair - Events

"A seasoned event planner is a master of their craft, with a portfolio of successful events to prove it" All these years, this man is an exceptional event planner and master of detail, with the ability to seamlessly bring together all the elements of an event to create a truly magical experience. He is now ready to elevate the events with much more excellence.

Rtr. IPP. Karthik

District Director - Events

"Enthusiasm is the spark that ignites a passion for work." He truly loves what he does, and his positive attitude and dedication make him a valuable asset to the team. As a lead, he not only guided the team towards success, but also fostered an environment of collaboration and growth. This person is now all set to elevate his work for the district.

Rtr. PP. Reshma Nanjundan

Rotaract Regional Director - Coimbatore Region

"Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and ensuring that impact lasts even in your absence." No one can fulfill her role better than her. Her skill in handling situations is as cool as her nature and the place she was born, and her willingness to help others shines like a ray of sunshine in a cloudy world. She is now ready to elevate a Group of Group Rotaract Representatives with her Flawless Follow Ups and Guidance.

Rtr. PP. Arthi

Rotaract Regional Director - Coimbatore Region

"Consistency is the foundation of virtue." She is known for her Consistency and hardwork. From being along with people and cherishing and pushing them to do their best,she has been remarkable.

Rtr. PP. Aishwarya Balachandran

Rotaract Regional Director- Kerala Region

Helen Keller once said,"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much" This woman has proved it right .She has a magnetic charisma and persuasive nature, capable of inspiring and mobilizing diverse groups of individuals towards a common purpose.

Rtr. IPP. Mashroofa

Rotaract Regional Director - Kerala Region

"Passion for law, driving change, shaping futures." Empowered by justice, this woman fearlessly strides the path of law, breaking barriers and shaping a future where equality reigns.She is now all set to embrace a new beginning as the Elevate leader on board.

Rtr. PP. Sanjay

Group Rotaract Representative - Group 1

"He's a force to be reckoned with, fueled by the relentless pursuit of victory." This man's unwavering determination, relentless drive, and competitive spirit are not easily deterred by challenges or obstacles.There is no doubt that this person always proved others wrong through his action. He is now all set to elevate the clubs through his action.

Rtr. PP. Gogul

Group Rotaract Representative - Group 2

"New position, endless horizons, boundless potential." This person's infectious energy and genuine kindness have a transformative effect, lifting spirits and true to his commitments and promises, consistently delivering on his responsibilities. He is now all set on board to elevate the clubs for all betterment.

Rtr. PP. Niranjan

Group Rotaract Representative - Group 3

"Against all odds, he emerged victorious." Amidst the overwhelming odds, this extraordinary individual found solace and strength unwavering support of those around him, paving the way for excellence.He has a huge contribution in proving how collective efforts of Rotaractors can help in living the dreams. He is now all up for it to represent and support the clubs.

Rtn. Rtr. PP. Srinath

Group Rotaract Representative - Group 4

"Dream Determine Do" This person's unwavering determination to achieve his goals, irrespective of setbacks or obstacles that may arise is commendable. He maintains a relentless strive for improvement, consistently pushing his boundaries to higher levels of achievement.

Rtr. IPP. Rudhreshwaran

Group Rotaract Representative - Group 5

"Build your character, grow your knowledge, & multiply your potential." This person always takes proactive steps to emphasize people around him and always believes in the collective growth of Rotaractors.Leaving a lasting impact through the pursuit of quality over quantity he is commendable.

Rtr. PP. Monish

Group Rotaract Representative - Group 6

"Quiet strength, steady stride, bound for success." This person's gentle nature and approachable demeanor make him a source of comfort and support for those around him. With this unique blend of tranquility he is now all set to guide his group of clubs.

Rtr. Raghusankar

Group Rotaract Representative - Group 7

"Silence is the canvas upon which the brilliance of the mind paints its masterpieces" This person always embraces his responsibility and opportunity to grow, to learn and to guide others. With his consistent dedication towards Rotaract all years now he is into another year to support the clubs.

Rtr. Til. K. Benny

Group Rotaract Representative - Group 8

"Quiet strength, steady stride, bound for success" This person possesses a calm and composed demeanor, radiating boundless energy. May each step you take in your new position be guided by curiosity, courage, & a commitment to unlock your boundless potential to guide the clubs for all goodness.

Rtr. Mahroof Mohamed

Group Rotaract Representative - Group 9

"From a small endeavor, grow a legacy" This person is a beacon of determination as they embark on a new position. Fueled by their unwavering drive, he is well prepared to invest his time and effort to support the clubs.

Rtr. PP. Premkumar

District Chair - All Avenues

"Your impact speaks louder than words" This person is a true embodiment of perseverance and determination. His portfolio is a reflection of the relentless effort he has invested in all these years in Rotaract. With an unparalleled work ethics and energy he is all set to Elevate for a new endeavor.

Rtr. Divakar

District Director - Club Service

"An active soul, constantly forging their own path" This person's contributions to the clubs and district is recognized as extraordinary or exceptional. With unwavering energy and vibrant spirit fuels all other Rotaractors with great fellowship. He is now all set to Elevate better fellowship.

Rtr. IPP. Vishruthi

District Director - Community Service

"A beacon of sincerity, a person's genuine nature lights up the world around them" A steadfast believer in sustainability, this individual is dedicated to bring a change always. This person's mind knows no bounds, as she fearlessly ventures beyond the confines of convention, unlocking innovative solutions and reshaping possibilities by thinking outside the box.

Rtr. Subash

District Director - Professional Service

"A trainer is a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, illuminating pathways to personal and professional growth" This person's passion for his work shines through as he ignites curiosity and fuels the desire for continuous growth. He always propels forward, with confidence to seize new opportunities and conquer new horizons.He is now all set to embrace his potential to excel in any endeavor.

Rtr. PP. Muskan Mehta

District Director - International Service

"Amidst transient fads, you shine as an epitome of enduring elegance, unyielding charisma, and profound impact" Being an ikon, she is an inspiration and influencer. With an innate wanderlust and an effortless ability to forge connections, she embodies the art of exploration, weaving a global network that transcends borders and thus on board to elevate the district's fellowship with all other districts around.

Rtr. PP. Laxminarayanan

District Chair - Public Image

"A skilled navigator of public perception, turning heads with strategic finesse" A vibrant individual who personifies the essence of proactive leadership and a passion for hosting remarkable events. His commitment to fostering connections and creating memorable experiences is evident in his tireless efforts and boundless enthusiasm. A true catalyst for impactful engagement and an exceptional event host.

Rtr. IPP. Mohanapriya

District Director - Public Relations

"Commitment fuels their fire, enthusiasm lights their path" This person's commitment knows no bounds, as she embraces challenges with a relentless fervor, leaving an indelible mark on all she does.She has a genuine passion and excitement for what she does. She is now all set with her unwavering commitment to elevate Rotaract with the public.

Rtr. PP. Barath

Rotasia Liaison Officer

"You better swing back into action fast so that we can have a blast!" This person personifies what a radiating boundless energy means.He is a seasoned event planner and a person of true commitments and promises. He has never failed in delivering the best to the Rotaract all these years and now ready to blast the new endeavor.

Rtr. PP. Vikash Subramani

District Chair - District Initiatives

"Unleashing boundless energy, they ignite a whirlwind of action and inspiration" This person is constantly buzzing with enthusiasm and a drive to take action. He always seeks to make the most of every moment. With no doubt, his hyperactivity fuels his passion for his upcoming endeavors in Rotaractor.

Rtr. PP. Aghil

District Chair - District Priority Projects

"The calmest people are often the ones who have seen the most" This person is always calm and composed in what he does. He maintains a relentless drive in Rotaract for all these years supporting the clubs and the district. With an unparalleled work ethics and energy he is all set to Elevate for a new endeavor.

Rtr. PP. Logeshwaran

District Chair - Rotary Rotaract Relation

"Architect of thriving, harmonious connections" A catalyst for positive connections, this individual cultivates a culture of wellness and genuine bonds, enriching every interaction with their contagious spirit. Around the Rotary and together with Interactors he has created a foundation that withstands the test of time all these years.

Rtr. PP. Pugalanthi

District Director - District Priority Projects

"Silent mastery in action, their work speaks volumes of precision, efficiency, and impeccable timing" This person works with a sense of meticulousness and attention to detail, consistently delivering the best.His silent mastery is a testament to his commitment to excellence, and his achievements leave a lasting impact.

Rtr. Bharath Kumar

District Chair - District Editorial board

"Inspiring innovation through relentless dedication" He is a remarkable individual who embodies the essence of creativity and unwavering determination. With an unparalleled work ethic and a boundless imagination, this person is now elevating to bring innovative ideas to the district through his relentless pursuit of excellence.

Rtr. Vianney

District Chair - Rotaract in Business

"An astute entrepreneur, owning a thriving brand, and a strategic mentor" This person possesses the drive, ambition, and determination to create and run their own enterprise successfully. His entrepreneurial spirit fuels his passion and now all set to fuel and elevate the Rotaractors business.

Rtr. PP. Hariharan Pasuvaraj

District Chair - Web and Social Media

A dedicated and reliable photographer who exemplifies the true meaning of hard work and consistency. This person's work ethic is unmatched. He approaches his photography with a strong sense of professionalism and takes great pride in delivering exceptional results.

Rtr. Meyyappan

District Chair - Newsletter

"An artistic alchemist, they weave information into captivating tapestries that inspire and enchant." This person is a skilled weaver of words and visuals. With a unique blend of imagination and artistic flair, he creates bulletin boards that not only convey the intended message but also engage and captivate the viewer's attention.

Rtr. IPP. Mathankumar

District Chair - Blood Donor Cell

"Be a lifeline. Donate blood" Within the realms of public service, this person embodies the spirit of compassion, selflessness, and a deep commitment to making a difference.This person’s dedication to the noble cause of blood donation continues to change lives, one drop at a time.

Rtr. Namith Krishna

District Chair - Rotary Rotaract Relations - Kerala Region

Together, we create a powerful force for positive change, inspiring leaders to make a lasting impact in the world." This individual stands as a beacon of collaboration and dedication. With each step he takes, bridges the gap between generations and unites the spirit of service. His unwavering commitment to empowering young leaders and fostering impactful projects showcases the true power of Rotary-Rotaract synergy.