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Rotaract, a condensed form of Rotary in Action,
Captures Rotary's active involvement.

Each of us possesses leisure time, and we each have our unique preferences for how to utilize it. Engaging with a Rotaract club may be the most fulfilling approach to make the most of our leisure time. Joining a Rotaract Club not only guarantees an enjoyable leisure experience, but it also shapes us into responsible members of society. Through participation, we acquire valuable leadership skills, acquire comprehensive knowledge about community challenges and their remedies, ultimately becoming individuals of immense worth.


Rtr. Sathish Balakrishnan

District Rotaract Representative

His manner of speaking is intricately well and his thought process is as clear as a crystal. He is known for not only executing projects perfectly but also taking them to each household to maximise the impact. Tamil and Rotaract are his two assets. A Chanakya!

Rtr. Kishore Babu

Immediate Past District Rotaract Representative

By celebrating Rotaract we celebrate the power of youth to drive change Yes! He has always been a huge support to all Rotaractors shoulder to shoulder. He never failed to celebrate people for what they do. At this moment, this person should take pride in knowing that Rotary year (22-23) undoubtedly left a lasting celebration to our District, which will be for years to come.

Rtr. PP. Thanghapantieyaan

District Rotaract Representative Elect

"The strength of a tiger is not just in its muscles, but in its will." Yes, this person embodies the raw energy of a tiger and his contribution to Rotaract is always commendable. Being selflessly working for the Organisation for all these 6 years and setting up the bar of 3201 in South Asia Awards,he has been incredible. Looking forward to the years to come and see you Roar Loud.

Rtr. PP. Abhijeet

District Secretary - Administration

Being someone's favorite is a privilege, but being everyone favorite is a miracle This person has got a contagious energy that upbeats the atmosphere wherever he goes. All these years,we have come across a tall man on the dias ,holding the mike and kick starting events that stand close to every Rotaractors.Yes! That's him,who has got a boundless positive attitude and inspires a lot of people.



Endeavour to Elevate

Endeavour to Elevate Endeavour to Elevate features a majestic eagle, symbolizing strength, vision, and determination.

The eagle is portrayed in flight, its wings spread wide, representing the spirit of progress and soaring to new heights. The upward direction of the eagle's movement signifies the pursuit of growth and advancement.

The eagle's keen eye reflects focus and foresight, highlighting the importance of setting goals and striving for excellence.

Overall, the logo conveys a sense of ambition, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of success in all endeavours.

Red Colour Represents Power, Passion, Energy, Fearlessness and Excitement

In the Logo Text Endeavour to Elevate, "Our Elevate" is Highlighted signifying its representation of "Elevate Rotaract

E" intertwined with an upward arrow. This design symbolizes the core concept of striving for growth and advancement. Together, the combination of the "E" and the upward arrow conveys the spirit of continuous improvement, ambition, and the determination to elevate oneself and surpass limitations.

The team's power lies in the collective strength of its individual members, while the strength of each member stems from their connection to the team.

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130+ Active Clubs
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