STAR - RYLA 3201

Event Description

RYLA, the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is a place where everyone discovers themselves as a leader or into something new. We Rotaractors of RI District 3201 are happy and elated in hosting this RYLA’23. RYLA3201, RYLA’23? What should we call it? STAR, Set To Augment Result it is. RI District 3201 has a legacy of more than a decade with numerous notable events and for giving great leaders to this movement. STAR could be the perfect place for you all to gain knowledge that could help developing you for the entire lifetime. Saying on a funny note, it could be a life time settlement for you all! Not only knowledge, notably you’ll be tasting the essence of Fun, Fun and EXTRA FUN with unlimited entertainment. So, summing up everything, all we’d say is “Come join us to bring out the STAR in you”

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Host Club
Rotaract Club of Coimbatore Spectrum
Rotaract Club of Sri Krishna Arts and Science College
Host President Host Secretary
Rtr. Rahul
Rtr. Hari Srinivasan
Rtr. Akshayaa - Rtr. Naveen
Rtr. Darshini - Rtr. Kavya
Event Chair Phone Number
Rtr Sankaranarayanan +91 70926 83513
For Queries Phone Number
Rtr Kishore Babu - District Rotaract Representative
Rtr IPP Sabarinathan - District Director International Service
+91 77086 85483
+91 80984 06173
27 - 29 Jan
RYLA - 3201
  • Event Chair : Rtr Sankaranarayanan
  • Venue: Sri Krishna Arts and Science College
  • Date : Jan 27,28 and 29, of 2023
  • Phone : +91 70926 83513

Event Posters